songs written and co-written by lee donghae 
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kiss you goodbye

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SS6 After Party - A “little less drunk” Hyukjae asking fans why they haven’t gone home yet ( fans said it’s because they (SJ) haven’t gone home yet either.hehe~) and asking where they are from after.then he told them to eat well,go home earlier and said thanks.(x)

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too fab for you

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SS6 in Seoul Day3 - Leeteuk's Ment:

"Seems like this is the first time I said these words. I wanted to succeed, didn't want to lose to anybody. So I worked hard like crazy, and at a certain moment, it was really working out like my plans, what I longed for passed by smoothly. When I enlisted, I thought it will pass by quickly! Things that I never thought before happened. I thought of why such things happened to me. What wrong did I do.. (Chokes) I wondered why I was given such a punishment. In those tough times, I thought about if I should end my life. But at that moment, I had family, members, and fans who loved me deeply. Maybe cause of you I could carry on. In the past I was really greedy, SJ can't lose to other groups, we can't not get number 1, we can't not get Daesung, I thought that we have to get it, couldn't lose the drive. But now I have let it go. Being able to enjoy with members and fans is a very blissful thing too. Like I have found happiness again from everyone, it will be good if fans can also see us find happiness again! Because we are family, right?"
Cr: 阿飘_everyday好开心
Eng trans: elf_ninida

cr: haohao得到治愈

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SMTOWN GLOBAL / SS6 VINE update / part 3 (part 1) (part 2)

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Super Show 6 Seoul Day 3 #100thSuperShow  | 140921

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eunhyuk; mamacita era

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cr : Hae_默 // do not edit

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Prepare yourself for months and months of secondhand embarrassment, gay moments, gang bang fests, jaw dropping performances, panty dropping special stages, frustrating cross dressing shows, mind blowing ballads, top notch fan service, and over all dorkiness.


are we talking about Super Junior Super Show Sex i mean Six

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important events in airport fashion history







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100th Super Show - Super Junior World Tour [Super Show 6]

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